Dream interiors: the designers shaping Philadelphia's landscape

The city of Philadelphia is located on the American East Coast and is known for its rich architectural heritage and cultural vibrancy. However, behind the historic facades lies a world of exceptional interiors, designed by a new generation of talented interior designers. Discover the professionals who have left their mark on the decorative landscape of the City of Brotherly Love.

Profiles of influential designers

Today, Dream interiors in Philadelphia are being shaped by visionary designers who are redefining the city's landscape. One of the leading names in Philadelphia interior design is Jessica Quintero, founder of JQ Design. Her creations combine contemporary style with vintage touches. They provide homeowners and occupants with spaces that are as elegant as they are functional. Not far away, the duo of Tiffany Brooks and Jared Becker have made their mark with a resolutely modern approach. This duo relies much more on contrasting materials and colours. A number of other designers have also made their mark in the city.

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Kelly Wearstler

Renowned for her glamorous, bold style, Kelly Wearstler is a key figure in Philadelphia interior design. Her projects feature bold mixes of pattern, colour and texture to create spaces that are both sumptuous and welcoming.

Exceptional projects Over the years, Kelly Wearstler has completed many remarkable projects in Philadelphia. Among her most emblematic projects is the renovation of a historic mansion in the chic Rittenhouse Square neighbourhood. A brilliant combination of period features and modern touches, the designer was able to breathe new life into the mansion while preserving its authenticity. More recently, the designer has also orchestrated the transformation of a former industrial warehouse into an urban loft with an art gallery feel. The result is a subtle blend of exposed brick, designer furniture and contemporary artworks.

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Kelly Wearstler's work has had a profound effect on the evolution of interior design in Philadelphia. Her creations and unique approach have inspired a whole new generation of professionals. As a result, a true Philadelphia signature has emerged in the world of interior design. A true design icon, Kelly Wearstler has brought a unique creative dynamic to the City of Brotherly Love. As a result, she has helped propel Philadelphia to the forefront of the national decorating scene.

Joshua Zohn

Joshua Zohn is known for his minimalist, modern approach to interior design. His spaces are characterised by finely decorated lines, neutral colour schemes and a balanced use of natural materials.

Joshua Zohn has designed many exceptional projects in Philadelphia, all characterised by his trademark minimalist aesthetic. Among his most popular projects is the renovation of an industrial loft in the trendy Northern Liberties district. Here, the designer was able to magnify the building's raw elements - exposed beams, bricks and concrete - by combining them with touches of warm wood and sober steel to create an interior that is both beautiful and welcoming.

More recently, Joshua Zohn also oversaw the design of a penthouse offering breathtaking views of the Philadelphia skyline. Making the most of natural light, he designed a luxurious living space, where every element contributes to creating a pleasant environment.

In addition to his own creations, Joshua Zohn's work has had a profound influence on the evolution of interior design in Philadelphia. His serene creations have inspired a whole generation of designers seduced by the art of simplicity and the use of noble materials.

Nicole Gibbons

Nicole Gibbons is the creator of the popular design blog "Gibbons Degn." Her style features a mix of vintage, modern and bohemian elements to create warm and inviting spaces.

Nicole Gibbons' journey into the world of design has been far from ordinary. After starting her career in public relations for the fashion industry, she discovered her true passion for interior design and launched her blog in 2008. Her blog has quickly grown in popularity thanks to her accessible and natural approach to design, which inspires readers from all over the world to create spaces that feel like them.

Nicole Gibbons' style is defined by her sense of adventure. Not afraid to mix vintage pieces with modern, bohemian elements, she creates dynamic spaces full of personality. Her colour palette is often rich and active, with unexpected splashes of colour adding a touch of originality to her creations.

Nicole Gibbons has also completed many large-scale residential and commercial projects, all characterised by her unique style and ability to create spaces that breathe life and inspiration. Among her most notable projects is her own home, which she proudly features in House Beautiful magazine. Her home is a true reflection of her personal style, with a bold mix of patterns, colours and textures.

Iconic design styles

Philadelphia design is characterised by an enhanced colour scheme that combines neutral tones with colourful accents. Quality textiles, such as velvet and linen, give interiors a timeless elegance. As for the furnishings, they skilfully combine vintage pieces with contemporary creations, for a result that is both harmonious and singular.

Modern glamour

This style is characterised by daring mixes of patterns, colours and textures for highly inviting spaces. Designers like Kelly Wearstler are masters of this style.

Modern Minimalism: This style is characterised by fine lines, neutral colour collections and the judicious use of natural materials. Joshua Zohn is an adept of this style.

Eclectic Bohemian

This style is characterised by a mix of vintage, modern and bohemian elements, creating warm and inviting spaces. Nicole Gibbons is a pioneer of this style.

Portfolios of outstanding projects

From urban lofts to mansions to coastal vacation homes, Philadelphia designers have risen to every challenge. Their most notable projects include the renovation of an old factory into a bright and bold duplex, or the creation of a penthouse with an unobstructed view of the city's rooftops. The designers who have stood out have remarkable portfolios.

Kelly Wearstler

The Rittenhouse, the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia and the Logan Hotel are some of Kelly Wearstler's most notable residential and commercial projects in Philadelphia.

Joshua Zohn

The Herman Miller showroom, Zahav restaurant and Benjamin Franklin House coworking space are some of Joshua Zohn's most notable commercial projects in Philadelphia.

Nicole Gibbons

In addition to her own home, the Herman Miller showroom is one of Nicole Gibbons' creations. Composed of high-end furniture, it features a modern, minimalist design with touches of colour and texture that add a touch of personality to the space.

Personal inspiration

Far from the beaten track, Philadelphia designers draw their inspiration from travel, nature and contemporary art. Jessica Quintero admits she was seduced by the soft colours and raw materials she spotted during a trip to Scandinavia, while Tiffany Brooks was guided by the works of painter Jean-Michel Basquiat to design a colourful living room.

Impact on the city

In addition to their private creations, these interior designers are helping to shape the very image of Philadelphia. Their creations, both bold and refined, breathe new life into the city, propelling it to the forefront of the American design scene.


From Jessica Quintero to Tiffany Brooks to Jared Becker, Philadelphia's interior design professionals create exceptional interiors that brilliantly combine tradition and modernity. Their creations bear witness to the creative effervescence that drives the City of Brotherly Love, making it a must-see destination for all lovers of beautiful design.

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